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About Stonefox

Stonefox Design Originals was conceived by Andrea Tsanos who resides in Toronto where she has steadily been developing her jewelry since 2005. Attracted to beauty, harmony, and all things aesthetic, Andrea has found her passion, designing an impressive array of stunning and versatile jewelry pieces featuring semi-precious stones.

Along with Andrea's addiction for gemstones is her somewhat compulsive attention to detail. She is continually on the hunt for inspiring materials, and hand-picks every stone that goes into her beautifully distinctive one-of-a-kind designs. Andrea's artistic vision is not only influenced by cultures abroad, but is also inspired by items found in nature and the elements. She is attracted to stones that are more organic-looking and closer to their original form in nature.

Being an avid collector of antiques, her aesthetic sensibility is also influenced by Victorian and baroque details, yet manages to be rooted in timeless design. Andrea's focus remains on sourcing more rare and unique stones that showcase interesting coloration and texture. This brings a unique quality to her diverse collections which range from the Accent Nugget Collection to the Dainty Collection, the Lariat Collection, among many others. Her treasure trove of necklaces, bracelets and earrings provides a vast selection with appeal to a broad range of women who have in common, the desire to express themselves and find that 'added something' that will make a statement.

In her "other" life, Andrea also works as a clinician at a Toronto hospital for people with addiction and mental health problems. And when she is not working, she spends all the time she can with her young son Noah, who is the real "gem" in her life.